Algoriddim launches djay Pro for Mac with 4-deck support, Spotify integration and more

Djay Pro for Mac teaser 001

German developer Algoriddim on Thursday completed its suite of apps for DJs by releasing djay Pro for Mac. Building on djay 2 for the iPhone and iPad, the Pro edition brings 4-deck support and the full power of Algoriddim’s low-latency mixing engine.

The app has some rather advanced features such as Spotify and iTunes integration, support for professional DJ hardware, high-definition waveforms, audio effects, meta data and FX purchases from iOS versions of djay and much more.

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For starters, djay Pro is the first DJ software on the desktop with Spotify integration, giving DJs access to over 20 million tracks instantly. On the iOS side, Pacemaker in February 2014 became the first DJ app to integrate with Spotify, prompting Algoriddim to bring Spotiffy integration to its djay 2 for iOS three months later.

Here’s a promotional video.

Built exclusively for OS X, djay Pro takes full advantage of the desktop’s computing power including 64-bit processing, multi-core track analysis, support for Retina and 5K displays, graphics rendering at 60 frames per second and pristine sound quality.

The app supports a range of pro DJ hardware out of the box, including over 50 MIDI controllers by Pioneer, Numark, Reloop and other manufacturers. In addition, an advanced MIDI Learn system allows you to map each hardware control on your device to individual actions in djay Pro and customize the setup to your liking.

A turntable view, seen below, renders true record grooves on the virtual vinyl along with the song’s cover artwork.

Djay Pro for Mac Turntables

And this is the digital sampler.

Djay Pro for Mac Sampler

The app sports a powerful four-deck view that allows DJs to play, mix and synchronize up to four tracks simultaneously. This lets you beat-synchronize and chain multiple effect units on up to four decks simultaneously. Check out the four deck support in vertical orientation below.

Djay Pro for Mac Four Deck Vertical

And four decks in horizontal orientation.

Djay Pro for Mac Four Deck Horizontal

Djay Pro for Mac has many advanced modes, including horizontal and vertical colored waveforms, live sampler and drum pads, FX racks, as well as iTunes two deck horizontal views, seen below.

Djay Pro for Mac iTunes Two Deck Horizontal

The revamped music library in djay Pro lets you seamlessly combine streaming Spotify tracks (a Spotify Premium account is required) along with your local iTunes tracks into a single library, giving you flexibility in terms of song selection. Seen below: Spotify integration in a two-deck view.

Djay Pro for Mac Spotify Two Deck Horizontal

The enhanced music library also includes new features such as persistent history and queue, inline search, instant preview and versatile track sorting features. You can even save and edit your Spotify playlists directly within djay Pro for Mac. Check out Spotify integration in light mode.

Djay Pro for Mac Spotify Light Mode

The app includes a song recommendation engine powered by The Echo Nest and provides access to more than thirty advanced audio effects by Sugar Bytes through the In-App Purchase mechanism.

Finally, your cue points, beat grid edits, meta data and FX purchases from iOS versions of djay sync with djay Pro for Mac over iCloud.


Powerful new interface:

  • Turntables
  • Waveforms
  • Four Decks
  • Sampler

Spotify Integration:

  • Instant access to over 20 million songs.
  • Playlists, Songs, Charts, Browse.
  • Match: cloud-based song recommendations powered by The Echo Nest.
  • Instant access to BPM and Key information through the cloud.
  • On-the-fly playlist editing and song saving.
  • Drag & Drop from Spotify app.
  • Powerful audio streaming technology: ultra-low latency, advanced effects, on-the-fly analysis.

Music Library

  • Spotify + iTunes
  • Persistent history and queue
  • Instant preview
  • Inline search
  • Light / dark mode
  • Expanded mode

Four-deck mixing

  • Horizontal / vertical layouts
  • Custom crossfader assignments (left, right, thru)

Waveform layouts

  • Horizontal / vertical
  • Two deck / four deck
  • Variable zoom level


  • Live sampling and preset editing
  • Pre-bundled content by Loopmasters
  • Pre-bundled scratch samples by DJQbert


  • AAC / WAV
  • iTunes export


  • Automatic, beat-matched mixes
  • Queue and Playlist automation
  • Variable automatic transitions (configurable duration, style, in- and out-points)
  • Automix Radio powered by The Echo Nest

Advanced DJ tools

  • Sync
  • Cue Points
  • Looping
  • Skipping
  • Scrubbing
  • Slip Mode
  • Beat grid editing

Audio effects

  • Over 30 state-of-the-art audio effects powered by Sugar Bytes
  • Up to three chain-able audio effects per deck
  • XY-Pad and Instant FX

Audio processing

  • Advanced time-stretching (up to +- 75%)
  • Pitch shifting (up to +- 1 octave)
  • Audio mixing with adjustable crossfader curves
  • EQ, panning, and highpass/lowpass filtering
  • Audio Limiter
  • Support for Audio Unit plug-ins

Audio analysis

  • BPM and beat detection
  • Flexible beat grids with support for dynamic tempo
  • Frequency-based colored waveforms
  • Key detection
  • Auto-gain / Normalize
  • Multi-core batch analysis

Hardware integration

  • Native support for over 50 MIDI controllers
  • Advanced MIDI Learn
  • Support for multi-channel USB audio interfaces
  • Support for external audio input and microphones

Built for OS X

  • Native 64-bit application
  • 60 frames per second graphics engine
  • Optimized for MacBook Pro with Retina Display
  • Optimized for iMac with Retina 5K Display
  • Multi-core analysis (up to 24 processing threads on 12-core Mac Pro)
  • Extensive keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi-touch trackpad control
  • iCloud integration: syncs cue points, grid edits and meta data with iOS versions of djay

Learn more about djay Pro for Mac at the Algoriddim website or check out additional information about the djay + Spotify combo.

The 29.6-megabyte app requires an Intel-based Mac with a 64-bit chip and OS X 10.9 or later.

Buy djay Pro for $50 in the Mac App Store as part of the 40 percent discount to celebrate the launch, a limited-time pricing.