Apple Pay has gained several new bank and retail partners in recent weeks

MasterCard (Apple Pay ads 001)

Apple on Tuesday told The New York Times that it has signed up “dozens more banks, retail stores and start-ups to adopt Apple Pay” in recent weeks. The mobile payment service launched in October with a handful of official partners, and has been adding new ones on a near-weekly basis.

This latest round of additions includes Associated Bank, BB&T, Commerce Bank, TD Bank North America, UW Credit Union and 5 other institutions. Apple says that with the new partners, Apple Pay now supports the cards that represent ~90% of the credit card purchase volume in the US.

Apple also touted new retail partners in box-box office supplier Staples, which we were already aware of, and chain grocers Winn-Dixie and Albertsons. Starting on Friday, the Amway Center, home to the Orlando Magic, will begin accepting Apple Pay at many of its concession stands as well.

Apple Pay has seen some significant success in its early months. Whole Foods says the service now accounts for 1% of all transactions, and it’s been reported to make up 50% of McDonald’s tap-to-pay transactions. Walgreens says mobile wallet payments have doubled since Apple Pay debuted.

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