Staples now accepting Apple Pay in its retail stores and mobile app

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Major office supply retailer Staples began accepting Apple Pay payments at all of its retail stores in the US, according to MacRumors. The company announced in September that it would be supporting the payment system, but didn’t offer a specific timeframe for its rollout.

“Our customers will love the convenience of Apple Pay, which will offer an easier, faster and secure way to check-out,” Staple’s Faisal Masud said. “This is the most recent example of our commitment to innovation that helps our customers make more happen with their business.”

Additionally, Staples updated its official iOS app today to accept Apple Pay as a payment method for online orders. While in-store Apple Pay purchases are limited to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (and soon Apple Watch) users, those with an iPad Air 2 or mini 3 will be able to use it in-app.

Staples joins a growing list of retailers who support the new Apple Pay payment, including Foot Locker, RadioShack, Walgreens and Whole Foods. Conversely, there’s also a number of chains who are publicly shunning the service—namely the Walmart-led MCX consortium.