Winter chilled wallpapers for iPhone and iPad

Solefield Winter Retina Splash

Confessing previously to my winter wallpaper obsession, this week’s picks are in the same genre. If you did not catch the past few posts in Wallpapers of the Week, several of them contained snow. More directly, the “snow frost” post started the winterization of the walls section.

Today’s selection is also a tribute to the cold winter months approaching for the northern hemisphere. A collection of photographs play well with snow and ice to give that chilling affect to an iPhone or iPad screen. Inside, we have six different photographic wallpapers for your enjoyment.


Today’s featured artist is Solefield. She is an amateur photographer, living in the mid-western United States. She often collects her excellent nature photos on her website, Deviant Art gallery, and shares them via Twitter @Solefied.


Download: “Absolute” for iPad; iPhone


Download: “Flash” for iPad; iPhone


Download: “Fly” for iPad; iPhone


Download: “Happening” for iPad; iPhone


Download: “White” for iPad; iPhone


Download: “Christmas” for iPad; iPhone


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