Wallpapers of the week: snow frost

WOTW snow frost splash

Continuing our simple nature series, including mountains and lakes, the next images feature winter snow and frost. Ending November in the northern hemisphere means winter is coming. This year, it seems winter is arriving more quickly than previous years. Living in the south eastern US, I experienced my first snow in early November.

With Thanksgiving passed and temperatures plummeting, it is time to switch the Lock screen over to match the occasion. For an unknown reason, winter snowy wallpapers are my favorite genre. Consequently, find four wallpaper images below.


The images below are listed with iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Retina resolutions. As we typically find, many readers complain about alternate sizes for older devices. Please note, iPhone 6 Plus and iPad Retina resolutions will fit and are scalable for smaller screens. With the Perspective Zoom feature on iOS 8, the images are even easier to scale.

Native resolution wallpapers are only important for wallpapers with specific patterns, boarders, or image features that are location-specific on the screen. None of the images below have any of those properties. Therefore, having a native resolution image is not necessary. The primary focal point of each image is in the center. Any part of the image that would but “cut off” by the screen size is not relevant to the overall image.


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus


Download: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus

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[splash image courtesy of placeit.net]