Wallpapers of the week: lakes

WOTW Lakes Splash 2

Considering the popularity of last week’s mountains Wallpaper of the Week post, this week we are featuring another set of naturally beautiful wallpapers. Although, to contrast mountains, the included images salute the water.

In particular, lakes offer stunning vistas often incorporating mountains based on their geography. The lakes featured past the fold are all captured by photographers whose work can be found on Interfacelift.com. We gleaned some of the best and are highlighting them for iPad, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.


First up is “Deep Blue” by Mohsen Kamalzadeh. The photograph is of Maligne Lake hear Jasper, in Alberta Canada. The image was shot using a Samsung NX10 and Samsung NX 12-24mm zoom at f/11.


Download Deep Blue: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6

Second is a photo of the highest mountain in New Zealand, “Mount Cook.” Bringing it in line with our theme, Lake Pukaki rests quietly below. Photographer Oliver Bütner notes, it was taken on a particularly clear evening during sunset. According to Bütner the photo is mostly untouched with minimal lens correction and color adaptation.


Download Mount Cook: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6

Third, another installment by Mohsen Kamalzadeh dubbed “Nocturnal.” This nighttime shot of First Lake in Alberta was short early this spring.


Download Nocturnal: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6

Finally, another evening shot, “Nightfall at Lake Aurora,” by Dominic Kamp. The wallpaper is a composite of Kamp’s Iceland Aurora shots with a photo of Bannalpsee, Lake Bannalp, located in Switzerland. The picture of Bannalpsee was actually a daytime shot, converted to night for a conversion with the aurora borealis. Using Photoshop the reflections were added to the lake and the water ripples were tweaks of the individual image layers.


Download Nightfall at Lake Aurora: iPad; iPhone 6 Plus; iPhone 6


Getting involved in the Wallpapers of the Week section is simple! Catch up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham and send over your favorite wallpapers or versions you created. The section is populated with images found across the web and those submitted by iDB readers. You do not need to be the original creator, but proper credit is preferred.

[splash image provided by placeit.net]