29 new and updated jailbreak tweaks to check out this weekend

Cydia iPhone 6

We’ve now had an iOS 8 jailbreak for just about a month and it seems developers are finally catching up with updating their tweaks and even coming up with new ideas based on iOS 8’s new features. We do provide an ongoing coverage of what we believe are the most interesting jailbreak tweaks, but because of the sheer amount of releases and updates, we unfortunately can’t write about each of them, hence this round up that provides a quick look at what’s new and what’s been updated in Cydia.

New jailbreak tweaks

AllBoardPass – lets you use third party keyboards in passcode fields (free)

AlwaysGreen – always makes the battery icon green while charging (free)

BootUp – adds Respring, Reboot, Shut Down and Safe Mode toggles to the Settings app (free)

Brightness Activator Pro 2 – adjusts brightness based on Activator actions ($0.99)

CCBringUpSwitcher – replaces Control Center with the App Switcher (free)

CCLiveBrightness – hides Control Center when adjusting brightness from Control Center (free)

ColorReachability – customize or remove the background when Reachability is enabled (free)

Everest – quickly access media controls with an Activator gesture (review – $0.99)

FavBox Lite – improves Dropbox’s app offline management (free)

IMN – extends Quick Reply and Quick Compose to third party apps such as Kik, Facebook Messenger, and more ($1.99)

KeepSecret – prevent message senders to see when you kept an audio or video message from them ($0.99)

MorePredict – adds more suggested words to the QuickType bar of the stock keyboard (free)

NoCCMediaControls8 – removes media controls in Control Center (free)

NoOrientationStatus – hides the orientation lock icon in the Status Bar when orientation lock is enabled (free)

NoRecentlyDeleted – disables the Recently Deleted album from the Photos app (free)

Notate – disables Home screen rotation on iPhone 6 plus (free)

ShadowBoard – adds a shadowy effect to app icons (free)

Slide2Kill8 Pro – slide app switcher cards to kill apps ($0.99)

SnooScreens – set your wallpaper based on the subreddit of your choice ($0.99)

SocialDuplicator 2 – clones social apps in order to use multiple accounts ($1.99)

Stepper 2 – shows step count on Lock screen and Status Bar (review – $1)

StopAlarm – allows you to Stop or Snooze alarms from the Lock screen ($1)

UpNext – queue up songs in the stock Music app ($1.49)

WeatherBoard – brings live weather animations to Lock and Home screens (review – $2.49)

Recently updated tweaks

iTouchSecure – use Touch ID for passwords system-wide (review – $4.99)

Messages+ – a replacement for the stock Messages app, featuring Quick Compose and Quick Reply ($7.99)

PhotoAlbums+ – greatly improves the Photos app (old review – $2.99)

QuickMusic 2 – provides quick access to music controls with a stylish interface (review – $1.99)

Remote Messages – a remote browser front-end for iOS 8 messages ($3.99)