Team17 slashes all Worms games to 99 cents in 19th anniversary sale


Team 17, a British video game developer behind the Worms series of games, has slashed all Worms games on the App Store to just 99 cents in celebration of the series’ 19th anniversary.

Older readers will remember Worms as one of the best games for the Amiga personal computer in 1995. Team17 continued development of the various Worms games with Worms: The Director’s Cut which arrived in 1997 with improved gameplay and graphics. The series has since made a jump to consoles and PCs.

Featuring cartoonish pixel art graphics, smooth multi-layered scrolling and an interesting mix of turn-based gameplay, humor and hilarious weaponry, the franchise has gone on to be very successful, selling over twelve million units worldwide to this date.

The following titles have been discounted to 99 cents a pop.

Again, each of the titles above sells for $4.99 a piece so you’re looking at a cool saving of nearly 24 bucks if you pick up all of the titles in the series.

That’s a pretty good deal in my book.

There’s no word how long the sale will last. Team17’s other App Store games include Hay Ewe, (R)evolve, Superfrog HD, Alien Breed and more.

On the Mac side, Team17 has you covered with Superfrog, Worms Crazy Golf, Worms 3, Worms Revolution — Deluxe Edition and Worms Special Edition, all available in the Mac App Store.

Here’s the official Worms 3 trailer.

The Worms game concept was originally created by game designer Andy Davidson. Borrowing cues from turn-based artillery games that were popular at the time, the series puts you in control of a small platoon of worms across a deformable landscape.

The player gets to control their colorful characters individually, each carrying some bizarre projectile weapons, in an effort to get rid of their opponent’s worms army. A compelling multiplayer mode with entertaining campaign mode rounds out such a well-thought and fun strategy game.

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