How to stop iPhoto from launching every time you plug your iPhone in

iPhoto Preferences

If there is one thing that I very much dislike in my workflows, it’s processes that automatically start without my consent or prior agreement. The latest culprit to date is iPhoto, which automatically launches every single time I plug my iPhone in my computer. I’m not sure if this is iPhoto default’s behavior, or if I accidentally triggered this annoying feature, but fortunately there is a quick and easy way to stop this from happening again.

How to prevent iPhoto from launching when plugging in your iPhone

Just like most Mac apps, it’s all in the Preferences.

Step 1: Open iPhoto.

Step 2: In the Menu bar, go to iPhoto > Preferences…

Step 3: For the “Connecting camera opens” option, make sure to select “No application.”

Step 4: Close the Preferences window.

From now on, every time you plug your iPhone or iPad in your computer, iPhoto or no other application will launch.