iOS 8 and iPhone 6 launch: everything to remember from this week

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Apple releases iOS 8, now available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch: Apple has released iOS 8, the latest version of its mobile operating system, to the public on Wednesday after months of testing by developers.

Download iOS 8: download links for all devices that support iOS 8.

The best new features of iOS 8: to celebrate the release of iOS 8, we proudly present you this detailed overview of more than two dozen new iOS 8 features we think you’re going to fall in love with at first sight.

List of iOS 8 third-party keyboards: A comprehensive list of the keyboard apps that are available for users to download and install on iOS 8 right now.

iOS 8 apps with Notification Center widgets: we’ve compiled an extensive list of apps that support iOS 8′s new Notification Center APIs and are available to download and install on iOS 8.

iOS 8 apps with Touch ID support: we’ve been busy gathering a collection of apps that have introduced support for the new Touch ID API alongside the launch of iOS 8.

Photo apps optimized for iOS 8: we’ve brought together a list of the photo apps that have been updated to support Apple’s PhotoKit and can be downloaded now.

Where did your iOS 8 Camera Roll go? Apple Support Forums are already buzzing with disgruntled users who are venting their frustration with iOS 8 presumably removing some of their photos, a point driven home by the company’s inexplicable removal of the Camera Roll album in iOS 8. We explain everything.

Early iPhone 6 case roundup: a collection of iPhone 6 cases available for sale.

iPhone 6 cases: a look at Spigen’s line up: over the weekend, we put together an early iPhone 6 case round up but it appears Spigen hosts one of the largest order-ready inventories. Inside we take a look of all the cases they have to offer.

Photographer tests iPhone 6 cameras: Teaming up with The Verge, professional photographer Austin Mann put the handsets’ enhanced cameras through the paces on beautiful locations in Iceland. The results are quite impressive.

PanguTeam confirms it’s working on iOS 8 jailbreak: good news for those of you missing out on today’s iOS 8 festivities in order to save your jailbreak, the PanguTeam says it’s on the case.

8 awesome things you can do with Activator: we’ve put together a list of some useful Activator actions/gestures you can set up on your iOS device.

‘AppBuyer’ malware steals Apple IDs and passwords from jailbroken devices: security research firm Palo Alto Networks reported this weekend about a new iOS malware that’s affecting jailbroken devices. It’s called ‘AppBuyer,’ and it’s programmed to steal a user’s Apple ID and password for the purpose of purchasing apps from the App Store.

The best to-do list apps for iPhone: whether you need something simple, or something complex, we’ve got a list for you today of what we think are the best to-do apps for iPhone.

Apps of the week: if you are excited about the new features in iOS 8 that you’ll be able to take advantage of, or just want something fun to pass the time with, we’ve got a list of apps and games we think you’ll enjoy.

iPhone 6 wallpaper packs: The Wallpapers of the Week section is dedicated to bringing stellar images to you on a weekly basis. Step inside for your newest downloads.

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