iOS 8 apps with Touch ID support

1Password (Touch ID integration 001)

Users around the world have downloaded iOS 8 today, and developers around the world are releasing quality updates to their apps, enabling support for one or more the many APIs introduced in iOS 8. Many well-loved, seasoned apps now allow you to use Touch ID to easily and conveniently sign in with your password or account.

We’ve been busy gathering a collection of apps that have introduced support for the new Touch ID API alongside the launch of iOS 8. The list will be updating as we’re aware of new release, so if you run across an app that supports Touch ID logins that isn’t documented below, let us know via email at or by leaving a comment below with a link to the app!

Apps that support Touch ID

  • 1Password (free) – arguably the best password manager
  • Amazon (free) – a site that sells everything yet doesn’t make any money
  • Camera Plus ($1.99) – a nice camera app
  • Discover (free) – a credit card company
  • Evernote (free) – a powerful note-taking app
  • LastPass (free) – a password manager
  • Mint (free) – a personal finance app
  • PasswordBox (free) – a password manager
  • Scanner Pro ($6.99) – turn images into PDFs
  • Simple (free) – an online bank
  • Splikity (free) – password manager

This post will be updated as new apps supporting Touch ID become available. If you know any, please let us know!

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