Claimed iPad Air 2 GPS antenna, mic and Wi-Fi module leak in photos

iPad Air 2 (Microphone, iPhonote 001)

Joining today’s batch of leaks ahead of Apple’s big reveal in Fall are some components apparently belonging to a second-generation iPad Air model.

An alleged iPad Air 2 GPS module, a Wi-Fi component and a microphone were shown off on a series of claimed photographs highlighted by a French website Thursday.

We’ve already seen photos that purportedly picture a number of the various internal components of the iPad Air 2 and today’s leak reinforces the notion that Apple is getting ready to refresh the iPad lineup soon.

Among other hardware improvements, flagship iPad models could bring a thinner design, a faster A8 chip with 2GB of RAM, a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, anti-reflective screen coating and more…

The images seen here were republished earlier today by French website iPhonote [Google Translate], via MacRumors, and first spotted in China.

You can easily see the Apple logo on the components, strongly suggesting these are most likely certified parts.

Seen below: a purported Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 module.

iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi, iPhonote 001)

By comparison, below is the same part in the original iPad Air.

iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi, iPhonote 002)

And finally, here’s a side-by-side comparison of the original iPad Air’s GPS module (left) and an alleged iPad Air 2 part (right). Other than the slightly more elongated appearance, the GPS antenna for the iPad Air 2 appears to largely resemble its iPad Air counterpart.

iPad Air 2 (GPS, iPhonote 001)

The report also claims that screens for the iPhone 6 have now arrived to the assembly line on schedule. Here are a few alleged photographs of the front iPhone 6 panel and screen assembly.

iPHone 6 (front part, iPhonote 001)

iPHone 6 (front part, iPhonote 002)

As you can see for yourself, the front plate and the screen assembly appear similar to prior leaks of these components.

iPHone 6 (front part, iPhonote 003)

Additional images can be found at the source link.

Although Apple is thought to be holding a media event on September 9, we think it’s going to be strictly about the new iPhone(s). In turn, we expect the firm to unveil the new iPads at another media event in October.