Blend Music Player brings a new music listening experience to the iPhone

Blend Music Player 1

Since the dawn of the App Store, developers have been creating new ways for us to visually enjoy a music-listening experience. Apple’s stock Music app may sound good, but it lacks the flare and beauty that third-party developers have been able to capitalize on.

Blend Music Player is one of those apps that looks good, sounds good, and offers a number of features that go above and beyond Apple’s Music app…

The music player user interface is easy to access and the background uses the popular blur look that is so popular these days. You can either blur the current album art, or choose from eight background images. You can even customize the app with a photo from your iPhone’s camera roll.

The app includes automatic lyric detection. Double tap on the album art to flip it over and see the lyrics for the current song. If the app can’t find the lyrics, you can add them yourself by tapping the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the window.

Blend Music Player 3

The customizable equalizer makes it easy for you to switch between 27 different presets or adjust the levels manually by dragging one of the decibel bars up or down. You can even assign a preset to each song. Once you’ve set the EQ once, you’ll never have to go back and adjust it again.

Blend Music Player 2

You can listen to an album in order, play music randomly, or listen to playlists right inside the app. Tap a song to see it, then tap the plus (+) button to add it to the “Up Next” list. You can view the Up Next list to see what songs are on the list and even see how long the playlist will last.

My favorite feature is the visualizer. Not many music player apps come with the screen saver style visualizer feature. I know it’s silly, but I love watching sound move around on the screen in a visual capacity. You can choose from 12 different colors so you have something for every mood.

In the settings section you can customize the music library filters, turn on iCloud so you can stream music from iTunes Match, connect to Myo (a motion sensor accessory), and more.

Blend Music Player is available for $0.99. Download it in the App Store.

The app’s developer was generous enough to give us a handful of download codes for Blend Music Player. If you like it, rate it.

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