More evidence of Fall iPhone 6 launch as Apple blocks off employee vacations in September

iPhone 6 (Martin Hajek 010)

With all the rumors seemingly pointing to Apple sticking to its Fall release schedule for iPhones, established with the October 2011 introduction of the iPhone 4s, today the company again hinted at an upcoming iPhone 6 release by blocking off employee vacations for September 15–28 at its German outlets.

September is Apple’s usual iPhone launch window (new iPads typically come a month later).

What’s different this time around is Apple blocking employee vacation dates four months in advance versus a few weeks ahead of a major new product introduction, like before…

German-language blog [Google translate] cited an anonymous source Wednesday and said that there was “little doubt” that the information is reliable. Conveniently enough, this is essentially a repeat of 2014 when Apple blocked off precisely the same dates ahead of the iPhone 5s/5c release.

Apple, of course, would also black out vacations for September for back-to-school season, too. That being said, however, I just think there are too many coincidences here so clearly there’s some fire where there’s smoke.

Apple 2014 release schedule forecast by KGI Research, via AppleInsider.

Apple Stores around the world should follow the example of German outlets and block off employee vacations as well as the firm concentrates on the massive iPhone 6 release.

Only a 4.7-inch variant of Apple’s next iPhone is said to launch in September. A larger 5.5-inch model has apparently been delayed until the end of 2014 – or quite possible into early-2015 – due to production problems with its ultra-thin batteries and display.

Keep in mind that this device may not be an iPhone at all. For all we know, the supposed 5.5-inch iPhone could end up being a next-gen iPod touch with a larger screen focused on gaming.


iPhone 6 render via Martin Hajek.