Apple Store app offering ’Rhonna Designs’ photo editor for free right now

apple store app

Apple is currently offering the popular photo editing app ‘Rhonna Designs’ for free right now in its Apple Store app. Users can skip the $1.99 price tag by launching the app, and tapping on the promotional banner to receive their redeem code.

The offering is part of a larger effort by Apple to get more people to use its retail app, and ultimately purchase more products. The company’s online sales jumped some 24% over the last year, making it the 2nd largest web retailer behind Amazon…

Here’s an overview of Rhonna Designs:

Designed with your creativity in mind to add your own personality to your photos. Can be printed out up to 4×4 with great resolution! Perfect to creatively edit your photos with artist, Rhonna Farrer’s exclusive frames, masks, designs, fonts & filters right on your iPhone.

And a quick video walkthrough of the app:

If you’re interested, you can find your free promotional code (it looks like it may be for US iTunes users only) in the Apple Store application, about halfway down the ‘Featured’ section. If you don’t have the Apple Store app, you can download it here.

And if you like deals, you should also check out the game Stampede Run. It’s currently Apple’s [free] App of the Week.