Watch maker Swatch not happy about Apple’s yet to be announced iWatch

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Swiss watch maker Swatch is not happy about Apple’s iWatch. To be more specific, the company is not happy about the fact that Apple’s wearable may be called iWatch, a name that definitely sounds a lot like iSwatch, a trademark registered by the watch maker for one of its lines of watches.

Nevermind the fact that Apple has yet to unveil the iWatch, which by the way might not even be called iWatch, Swatch is going on the offensive…

We believe there is a high risk of confusion between the two products,” said Serena Chiesura, Director of Communication for the Swatch Group.

This being said, the Swatch Group will likely seek legal action in every country where the trademark is registered in order to protect its brand.

If the situation sounds familiar, it’s because Apple faced similar complaints when it was rumored to launch a “Champagne” iPhone back in 2013. You might remember that French Champagne makers were already all up in arms about the possibility that Apple could use the trademark to describe a color. Of course, this appeared to be a lot of fluff for nothing since Apple decided to call the new color “gold” rather than “Champagne.”

Swatch CEO Nick Hayek recently talked about his doubts regarding smartwatches:

A smartwatch needs software and this software must constantly be updated. Every year, you’re forced to buy a new smartphone because the new software requires new hardware. It will be the same problem with smartwatches. Besides, consumers don’t want to charge their watches, and no charging cable will be available for a while.

Here are some words from someone who obviously has no idea what’s about to happen to his industry.

Apple has filed trademark registrations for iWatch in several countries, including Japan, Russia, Mexico, Taiwan, and Turkey.

So, iSwatch, iWatch? Are you confused? Does the Swatch group have good reasons to feel threatened? Let us know what you think in the comment section down below.

[Tribune de Geneve, thanks to iDB reader Alexandre]