Amazon launches new Wearable Technology store

amazon wearables

In case you needed any more proof that wearables aren’t just a passing fad, Amazon launched a new storefront this week dedicated specifically to the space. Dubbed the ‘Wearable Technology’ store, the page highlights health trackers, smartwatches and more.

Since it’s likely that many of Amazon’s customers aren’t familiar with the new devices just yet, the company has supplemented its retail offerings with other content like ‘Learning Center’ videos, product comparisons, recommendations and editorial reviews…

From Amazon’s press release:, Inc. today announced the launch of its Wearable Technology store – a one-stop shop where customers can easily discover the latest in wearable technology and research wearable devices including activity trackers, smart watches, wearable cameras and more. In addition to the largest selection of items from top brands including Samsung, Jawbone and GoPro, the store features products from emerging brands like Basis and Misfit as well as devices coming soon from brands like Narrative and Bionym. […]

While wearable technology has been available for nearly a decade, the category has only recently captured the imagination of customers with the introduction of new, exciting products like smart watches, activity trackers and wearable cameras. To help customers learn more about wearable technology, the new store features a “Learning Center” which includes product videos and detailed buying guides. These resources provide information about device compatibility, product comparisons and use-case suggestions to help customers find the right device for them. Customers can also take advantage of the “Editor’s Corner” to find information about wearable technology industry news, device reviews and more.

While the wearables space is one area that Amazon is not rumored to be getting into right now, several other tech companies are. Google announced Android Wear, a platform for wearables, last month, and Motorola, LG and others have products in the oven.

Google Android Wear (smartwatch 001)

Then of course, there’s Apple’s so-called iWatch. The rumored project is expected to finally materialize in September of this year, in the form of a watch or wristband-like device with various sensors capable of collecting a wide range of health and fitness data.

With the high-end smartphone market beginning to dry up, mobile consumer electronic companies have begun search for the ‘next big thing.’ Could that thing be wearable devices? I haven’t seen anything yet that confirms this, but I bet it’s not too far off.

What do you think?