Google launches new ‘Helpouts’ iPhone app

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Google this afternoon launched an iPhone client for its growing learning and tutorial service called Helpouts. The app gives users the ability to find and schedule Helpouts, start their own free Helpout, read reviews and listing details, and send other users messages.

For those unfamiliar with Google’s ‘Helpouts’ service, it’s a website that connects you to experts from various fields including cooking, health and Art & Music. These experts hold video classes teaching you how to do everything from playing the guitar, to editing photos…

From Google’s blog post on the new app:

You can get help and give help through the Helpouts app for iOS devices anywhere, even while on-the-go.  Currently, only free Helpouts are available through the iOS app. You can also use the Helpouts app to send messages to providers, leave reviews, and give feedback about Helpouts. 

You can only download the Helpouts app for your iOS device if your iTunes account is based in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, U.K., or the U.S.  To use the Helpouts app, you’ll also need to be on iOS 6 or higher.   

In addition to browsing through and searching for Helpouts, the iOS app allows users to start their own free Helpouts, as well as read reviews and listing details for other experts. You can also leave your own reviews, send messages to other users, and edit your profile settings.

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It’s worth noting that some Helpouts cost money, so keep an eye out for that. It also looks like it takes a while to start a Helpout, so it’ll do you no good if you’re in need of immediate assistance. Regardless, the service looks interesting. You can find Helpouts in the App Store for free.