Atmospheric puzzle game Year Walk is now available on Mac OS X

Year Walk Mac 1

Just in case you haven’t heard of the thought-provoking and innovative atmospheric puzzle survival game Year Walk, it was a hugely popular iOS title based on Swedish mythology that was impressive, to say the least. Its dark theme and bizarre characters stood out amongst the droves of Angry Bird clones that flooded the App Store.

Simogo just launched a Mac OS X version of Year Walk that includes some big changes, including new puzzles, new areas to explore, and new graphics. It’s like getting to play the game for the first time, all over again…

Year Walk for Mac is a lot like its iOS counterpart. Players take part in a Swedish mythological vision quest – going on “walkabout,” if you will. In the game, the protagonist meets a variety of folkloric creatures that he must outwit by solving puzzles.

Year Walk Mac 2

After the yearlong walk, the protagonist goes back to his home village. Without spoiling the story, stuff happens and you get to play the game a second time through. Be sure to read the companion guide for help.

The Mac OS X version has been updated with new locations, new puzzles, and improved graphics. Additionally, the companion guide that comes as a separate download on iOS is integrated into the game for easier access.

The development team at Simogo has also redesigned the game’s controls for laptop and desktop gaming. It is not just a port of the original title. It has been reworked to have its own feel on a computer screen. Players use the WASD keys on the keyboard to move around while controlling a cursor with the mouse. The cursor is used to interact with the environment.

Year Walk Mac 3

Some of the original puzzles in the iOS version were specific to the mobile device’s tilt and touch gestures. The OS X version has been updated with redesigned puzzles that fit the desktop mechanics (you won’t have to tilt your 27-inch screen). Plus, some puzzles have been replaced entirely with new ones.

This version also has menus, maps, and a hint system to help get you through the adventure without feeling lost (which you might feel anyway as soon as you walk out of the cabin door).

Year Walk is available on Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later for $5.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Did you play Year Walk on iOS? Will you be getting it on your Mac?