New Samsung ad takes simultaneous jabs at iPad, Surface and Kindle

Samsung ad (multitasking Galaxy Tab Pro 001)

Samsung’s just posted a new ad to its YouTube channel inviting viewers to “do more” on the new multi-tasking Galaxy Tab Pro series tablet, featuring three different scenes dedicated to bashing Apple’s iPad, Microsoft’s Surface and Amazon’s Kindle tablets. The ad is actually humorous, which is a refreshing change change for Samsung.

The commercial’s anti-Apple scene envisions sending email on the Samsung tablet while on a video call, using snapping two apps side by side. Have a look at it after the break and tell us what you think in the comment section…

Another scene features a girl asking a dude to move his tablet a little bit, to which he fumbles with a Surface and keyboard cover in his hands.

Here it is.

I actually love the part where four girls chat about a book until one pulls her Galaxy Tab Pro to check out a video on YouTube, her friend remarking she can’t do that on her Kindle, to which the Samsung woman sarcastically quips, “What can it do?”

Also: notice how the Samsung woman disses the iPad’s “Retina thingy”.

“So, your Samsung looks better than my iPad because it has got more pixels?”, a woman asks.

“Right,” her friend responds.

“But mine has got the Retina thingy,” the iPad owner argues.

As a reminder, the iPad’s “Retina thingy” maxes out at 2,048-by-1,536 pixels versus the Galaxy Tab Pro’s 2,560-by-1,600 pixel resolution.

I love good advertising as much as the next guy and Apple bashing has been a recurring theme for Samsung so this ad is a continuation of the series which started 2 years ago.

I don’t find the commercial insulting or in bad taste.

Remember, Apple’s successful Mac vs. PC ad series, which similarly called out the Windows giant, didn’t mince any words to portray the Mac in positive light.

What did you think of this ad?