ClearWeather HD brings minimalist weather to the iPad

ClearWeather HD 3I’ve gotten a kick out of the fun, simple weather apps that have launched in the App Store since iOS 7 made its debut. Some look like rocket pops. Some look like a graph. Some have almost no information other than the weather. What most of them are seriously lacking, however, is iPad optimization.

ClearWeather HD is a minimalist weather app that shows off your iPad with bright colors, clean lines, and a simple interface and will make your co-workers turn their head…

I love setting my iPad up on my desk and showing off how good the display looks. Sometimes, I use a photography-based app, like 500px. Other times, I’ll pretend I have a tranquil fish tank on my desk with something like Wa Kingyo.

If I want to display a bright, minimalist image of the weather on my iPad, there are very few to choose from. That’s why I’m so exited about ClearWeather HD.

This app features a bright colored screen of blue, red, green, yellow, or some other simple, flat shade relating to the temperature (warm colors for hot weather and cool colors for cold weather).

ClearWeather HD 1The default layout shows the date, time, weather condition, temperature, highs, lows, pressure, humidity, sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, wind speed, and more. There is also a seven-day forecast either to the right or at the bottom, depending on whether your iPad is positioned in landscape or portrait mode. You can “pull” sideways to access more details on the forecast’s highs and lows.

You can change the layout to an even simpler look that only shows the date, time, temperature, condition, highs, and lows. The seven-day forecast will remain next to the display.

You can make the time the centerpiece of the display by switching to one of the clock layouts. Choose from an analog or digital clock face. Each offers the same additional information as the simple layout mentioned above. The only difference is that the time is the biggest feature.

ClearWeather HD 2There is also a map layout that shows you where your saved locations are on the map. You can tap a location to see the weather display.

You can save multiple locations and switch between them by tapping the menu icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap the plus (+) button to add a location. Either search by city or zip code, or add a new location based on your current position (if it is different than a saved one).

ClearWeather HD is temporarily free on Mar. 17. It is normally priced at $0.99. There is also a free lite version with a few less features. Download it in the App Store today.