IQTELL lets you manage emails, contacts, tasks, projects and more in one place

IQTELL 1IQTELL is a productivity company that offers one web-based service for email, address book, notes, calendar, to-do lists, and more. The company’s goal is to simplify your digital life, regardless of what operating system you work with.

IQTELL – Get Things Done (GDT) is a productivity app that combines actions, to-do items, email, and projects. No more switching from app to app to keep track of your daily tasks. With IQTELL, you’ll be able to take care of everything in one place…

Getting to inbox zero is an effort in itself. I get messages from press contacts, business associates, friends, family, and lots of advertisements for deal-of-the-day websites (I’m a sucker for those sales). Weeding through what is important, what can be put off until later, and what is just plain junk takes up much of my morning routine.

Email is only one piece of the productivity puzzle. There are also to-do lists, project trackers, document follow-ups, and more. IQTELL wants to merge your email with your daily tasks to make the whole thing a bit easier.


With IQTELL, users create tasks, reminders, and projects lists directly from email messages. Similar to, users can put off tasks for another day or address them immediately by archiving, deleting, moving or replying to messages with just a swipe.

Similar to Mail Pilot, this app treats your emails like to-do items. Mark emails as completed or set them aside for later. Create customizable filters to add emails to a “watch list” based on due date, priorities, and more. Contextualize emails by categories like home, office, family, or friends.

The app offers offline operation so you can continue to work with your emails, even when you are away from Wi-Fi. The app automatically syncs your activities when you connect to the Internet again.


The app requires an IQTELL account, but that free account offers many more productivity features, including automatic syncing between your iOS, Android, or web activities through a cloud-based account. With it, you can keep track of projects, actions, to-do items, and more. Sync all of your email accounts, calendars, Evernotes, and other information and documentation in one place.

The app supports Gmail, iCloud, Outlook, Exchange, Office365, IMAP, and POP3 email accounts.

IQTELL (GTD) is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free. Download it in the App Store today.

How do you get to inbox zero? What do you think of IQTELL’s method?