Tweetbot for Mac refreshed with conversation icon, ‘Save Image As’ option

Tweetbot for Mac 1.4.2 (screenshot 001)

Tapbots has just issued a maintenance update to Tweetbot for Mac which added a pair of feature tweaks and some bug fixes. Tweetbot version 1.4.2, now available as a free update in the Mac App Store, finally allows you to save images from tweets to folders other than the default Downloads folder.

There’s also a new conversation icon next to tweets that are a reply to another tweet, which allows for a more visual navigation and helps make sense of your feed.

The full breakdown is after the break…

When you save images from tweets to a folder other than the Downloads folder, use the new ‘Save Image As…’ menu item, as depicted below.

Screen Shot 2014-01-31 at 18.48.46

Your changelog:

  • Conversation icon added to tweets that are a reply to another tweet
  • Added ‘Save Image To…’ menu item so you can save your images to a folder other than the Downloads folder
  • Fixed the issue on the status detail view where control-clicking on the reply-to/in-reply-to tweet overlay buttons could apply an action to the wrong tweet
  • Fixed the issue where opening an instagram video would open two tabs when using Chrome
  • Fixed the issue where some images were opened with an incorrect orientation

This update is free to existing users.

Tweetbot for Mac is $19.99 in the Mac App Store.