Saurik lists the jailbreak tweaks he has installed on his iPhone

jailbroken iphone 4s

Since we closely cover the jailbreak community here at iDB, we are often asked by readers what apps and tweaks we have installed. Between us, we probably try a dozen new tweaks a week, or more, so sometimes we have stuff on our devices that others may not know about.

With that in mind, you can only imagine how often Saurik, the founder of Cydia, gets asked what packages he has installed on his device. Well for those of you wondering, he answered the question last night in a Reddit thread and his list of tweaks is actually pretty interesting…

In the subreddit r/jailbreak, user riley_collins started the thread ‘[Request] A list of Saurik’s tweaks and themes he currently has installed!’ And sure enough, Saurik respondedto the request by not only listing the packages he has installed, but also fielding a handful of questions.

First, here are the tweaks:

“Cydget (PhotoExample, CyDialer), Cyntact, Cyueue, Veency, Five Icon Dock, WinterBoard (None), RingerX VIP, Voicemail Forwarder, Safari Download Manager, Barrel (Roll-Away), Activator (Volume HUD Tap = iWhiteboard, Volume Both Up/Down = SpringFlash, Status Swipe = SBSettings (Serious SBSettings HD)), Bars, CallBar, DietBar, DietBulletin, f.lux, FlashyStatus, FolderCloser, GlyphPatch, Graviboard, Harlem Shake, LowPowerBanner, MarkThatMessage, NoCoverFlow, NoNewsIsGoodNews, OpenNotifier (Messages), Password Pilot Pro, Sleep to Lock, SwitcherMod, Tab+, TetherStatus, TypeStatus, TypingPrivacy, YourTube, 3G Unrestrictor.”

Looking at the list, you might think that Saurik hasn’t updated to iOS 7 yet. And you’d be right. He explains in the Reddit thread that he’s not quite sure what to do about iOS 7, and he is hesitant to upgrade due to changes Apple made to mobile Safari and other elements of the new OS.

“I am not certain what to do about iOS 7. Apple ruined the web browser by adding the “scroll up for navbar” feature: it is horribly distracting and entirely useless. I could just remove it, but they also bring up a solid bar now with the back button… :(. On iOS 6 they simply nailed it: the HUD was entirely gone except for a few transparent buttons that were always present; I seriously now do most of my browsing on my iPhone (I’m typing this response on my iPhone, in fact), but I simply can’t use iOS 7 Safari. When I have time I might try to do some major surgery to “fix it”, but until then I am on iOS 6. (That said, I also rely on a ton of these extensions, and only very recently have some of them been ported. iOS 7 also screwed up the address book, and they use colors everywhere like red… red means “this is dangerous or is an error”, not “edit my alarm”. I’m just distraught.)”

The entire thread is really worth checking out, as Saurik responds to a few other questions and comments as well. I found his response to a comment regarding him having the Harlem Shake tweak installed particularly interesting, as he says he uses it in jailbreak demonstrations.

On a related note, Saurik posted an update for WinterBoard this evening with fixes for status bar issues. For more details, check out our post, or you can simply grab the update from Cydia’s Changes tab.

Thanks Jack Brown!