Dutch theme park tapping iBeacons to boost visitor engagement times


Apple’s indoor positioning technology, iBeacons, is cropping up in some unlikely places. No, I don’t mean grocery stores, trade shows, Apple Stores, stadiums and bars. According to a Dutch blog, one of the country’s theme park will be deploying iBeacons in March to provide visitors with useful information right on their iOS devices.

It’s also interesting that Apple’s finance boss felt the urge to mention during yesterday’s earnings call that the company is now using iBeacons in a number of its retail outlets to beam relevant product information and promotions as customers get near an iBeacon…

Dutch-language iPhoned reports that Fluwel’s Tulpenland, the country’s theme park focused on showcasing the famous Dutch tulips (the name translates as Tulip Land), will become Europe’s first theme park to implement iBeacons.

Customers will have to download a special app, available starting March 29 with the annual opening of the park. The software then receives data from nearby iBeacon transmitters and displays relevant, contextualized information for each park section as visitors get near specific iBeacons.

The theme park is hoping that using Apple’s technology will help attract more visitors.

Earlier today, we reported that Automatic’s smart driving assistant has received a software update which basically turns any Automatic Link device into an iBeacon.

Have you seen iBeacons in action yet?