Life Graphy helps you stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions

Life Graphy 1Millions of people set resolutions on Jan. 1 of this year. Thousands have probably already given up on their goal. You don’t have to walk away from your resolutions just because you didn’t start three weeks ago. You can still follow through with your goals. You may just need some help sticking with it.

Life Graphy is a simple app that helps you be accountable to yourself when there is no one else to be accountable to. Whenever you think about eating that late-night snack, just remember you won’t be able to mark that goal as successful today…

I’ve recently been struggling with a smoking habit that I can’t seem to kick. When I decided to quit smoking a year and a half ago, I had a good reason and it helped me stop. Then, about six months ago, I found myself sneaking a puff every once in a while. I had no one to hold myself accountable to. No one was reminding me of how important it is to stop.

By December of this year, I was back on the wagon and ready to set a new goal. I now know what I need is to be accountable to someone. Who better than myself? Life Graphy reminds me to stay on task by making me look at my life goals every day.

Life Graphy 4The app asks you to add a list of goals. There are already three goals: take a vitamin every day, give up smoking, and work out regularly. You can delete those goals and add new ones that pertain to you.

When you add a new goal, you can include a start and end date and include a note to remind you of your objective. You can also include an icon to distinguish the category from others.

After you’ve added your list of goals, go back to the daily or monthly view to start marking your achievements. Every day that you have successfully accomplished your goal for the day, you can tap the icon to add it to your graph. The more daily goals you have, the more sections you will see on your graph. As you mark them completed, the related section on the graph will fill in.

Every day at a specific time, you will be reminded to mark your tasks. The default reminder is set to 10:00 p.m., but you can change it to whenever you like.

Life Graphy 2Currently, the app is limited in options. You can have a start and end date for goal, but all goals are considered daily. The app’s developer promises to add features in a future update that include weekly habits and a better notification service.

Life Graphy is available for $1.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Did you set a New Year’s resolution this year? Would you use Life Graphy to help keep you on track?