Command-C lets you copy and paste between iOS devices and Mac

Command-C 1I often find myself wishing I could copy text from a document on my iPad and paste it to a document on my MacBook Pro. It happens regularly. I use DeskConnect to share a lot of stuff between devices. However, sometimes I just want to copy text on one device and paste it on another without having to open any apps or programs.

Command-C is a productivity app that lets you share clipboard items without having to open another program first. Just copy on one device, send it through Command-C and immediately paste it in another device… Command-C 3To connect your iPhone or iPad (or both) to your Mac, you will need the iOS app and the free companion Mac app. When you have the program installed on your compatible devices, you will be able to share clipboard items seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad, Mac computer.

Your data is kept private and secure because you won’t be sending information across the internet between devices. In order to share your clipboards, all devices must be on the same local Wi-Fi network where information will be encrypted and sent securely.

You can share more than just text, too. Copy a picture from your desktop and send it to Command-C. Then, paste it to a compatible document (Pages, SMS, etc.) simply by selecting the “Paste” function on your iPhone. You don’t have to have the app open on your iOS device because, thanks to iOS 7, the app can run in the background so that your clipboards will be received in the background and you will receive a notification when it has been sent.

Command-C 2

That’s not all. Command-C also has the ability to create URL schemes and interactive bookmarklets. By visiting the developer’s webpage to access the codes, you can copy text, clipboards, and URLs directly to another device with just a single tap. You can also create specific bookmarklets inside your web browser for different devices based on certain actions.

Command-C is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $3.99. The Mac companion app is free. Download it in the App Store today.