Apple and Samsung again discussing patent dispute settlement

Apple vs Samsung (image 002)

Apple and Samsung are said to again be conferring over a possible settlement to their years-long patent dispute. According to a new report, the two companies are in “working level discussions” regarding a potential deal.

There are still major obstacles though, and the two firms have a lot of work to do in terms of narrowing their differences over royalty fees and patent access. Apple, for example, wants Samsung to pay up to $30 per device…

The Korea Times (via MacRumors) reports:

“Samsung still prefers to sign a comprehensive “cross-licensing” deal, allowing the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer to access all Apple’s design-related, some standard-essential and commercial patents; while Apple is asking Samsung to pay over $30 per device for Samsung’s patent violations, which Samsung thinks is “too much,” said another Samsung official who is familiar with the issue.”

The outlet goes on to say that Samsung Mobile CEO Shin Jong-Kyun may fly to the US early next year to discuss a potential deal with Tim Cook. But the two have met on multiple occasions over the past two years with little results.

The companies have been locked in legal battles around the globe since early 2011, when Apple sued Samsung for infringing on its design and software patents. Apple has been the winner thus far, with $1 billion in awarded damages.

Last week, Apple renewed its bid to permanently ban infringing legacy Samsung products from the US.