Three switches on its UK 4G LTE network, expands roaming to US

Three logo (medium, black and white, no letters)

Three, one of UK’s top wireless companies, yesterday began turning on its new fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network in select locations. The carrier claims to run the UK’s fastest-growing 3G network which covers more than 97 percent of the country’s population.

In addition to Three’s first LTE sightings in the UK, the company is also extending its Feel At Home roaming service to the United States, starting today. The U.S. joins other countries where Feel At Home has been available, including Austria, Australia, Denmark, Hong Kong, Italy, the Republic of Ireland and Sweden.

The service allows Three’s UK-based Feel At Home customers to use their voice minutes, text messages and cellular data for no charge while traveling outside the UK and roaming the aforementioned countries…

Three’s 4G network is now popping up in London, Birmingham and Manchester. They are shooting to reach 50 more cities by the end of 2014 and blanket 98 percent of UK’s population with 4G signal by the end of 2015.

Here’s their Christmas commercial.

As for the carrier’s roaming service, a press release states that in addition to the United States, Feel At Home customers traveling to Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Macau can also take advantage of using their minutes, texts and data for absolutely no charge.

What’s more, Three’s customers can roam on to any available networks in these destinations – not just Three operations.

Feel At Home now operates in eleven destinations around the world.

The carrier added close to 300,000 net new customers in the third quarter of 2013.