How to download any image (even non-downloadable ones) using Chrome on the Mac

Have you ever tried to right-click on an image in order to save it, only to find that the option to save the image is nowhere to be found? From time to time, you’ll likely run into such an issue, and in many cases, it has to do with how a particular web page is designed (CSS, etc.).

In this tutorial, we share two Chrome extensions to download such images locally to your Mac.

Mac Finder folder icon with a download icon over it

Chrome extensions to download images

Here are two free extensions to save even un-downloadable images from a website.

1. Download All Images

I use the Download All Images extension every time I have to get icons or images from Apple’s website or elsewhere. It thoroughly scans the web page for all pictures or icons and saves them to my Mac.

Start by visiting the web page. After that, click the Chrome extensions icon from the top right of your browser, followed by the Download All Images icon. Immediately, the extension will get to work.

It allows you to tweak your photo search and select All images or get only the ones that fit your selected parameter based on format and other filters.

Once the extension finishes scanning the web page, all you have to do is hit Save.

After that, the extension will save all those images as a ZIP file. You can open the ZIP file with a simple double-click. Inside, you will find a folder with all the images of that web page!

Download All Images extension in Chrome

2. Image Downloader

The Image Downloader extension makes it easy to quickly identify all images on a particular web page. You can then download those images in batch form or individually.

Once you’re on a particular web page containing an image that you wish to download, simply click the Image Downloader button, and you’ll be presented with a list of all of the downloadable images on that page. You can download images individually or select all and save them in one go.

Image Downloader extension in Chrome on Mac

Image Downloader probably isn’t an extension that you’ll use on a day-to-day basis, but it’s been instrumental to me in those instances where I needed to quickly download a stubborn image. Have a look at our video walkthrough as I step through the entire image-downloading process using this great extension.

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