Get inspired to take photographs with OKDOTHIS

OKDOTHIS 1It happens to everyone. You’ve got your fancy DSLR camera and a brand new lens that you’ve only used once. It sits by the front door, waiting for you to take it with you the next time you head out for a walk, but it seems like the only time you take pictures anymore is when you go on vacation.

OKDOTHIS is a photography app that inspires you to go out and take pictures that are outside of the box. It is not just for DSLR enthusiasts either. If you enjoy iPhone photography, this app could inspire you as well…

If you’ve run out of ideas for taking great pictures, sometimes you just need a little push in the right direction to get you out of your slump. With the “virtually unlimited” number of “DO’s” at your fingertips, you will likely find something that will spark your imagination and get the creative wheels turning.

OKDOTHIS 2The idea behind this app was based on photographer Jeremy Cowart. His inspiration was to offer suggestions and ideas to iOS users on how to get people to pose, what to say to your subjects, and so on. After coming to the conclusion that he had a very limited amount of ideas, Cowart decided that the best way to make his idea bloom was to let everyone participate in the process.

Users can create and share their own DO’s, or try out someone else’s. This app makes it possible for you to interact with other photographers of all experiences and socialize with them before the pictures are even thought of.

OKDOTHIS 3The various DO’s are filtered into categories so that, when you search for a word or phrase, a list of possible DO’s that match your criteria will appear. For example, if you were trying to come up with an interesting way to photograph the sunset, you could enter that into the search engine and see a list of DO’s that might inspire you.

You can follow other photographers in OKDOTHIS. When you connect with others, you will see their DO’s and photographs they have uploaded to the app. Plus, you can add friends that you have from various other social networks.

Once you find a DO that you want to complete, tap “Do THIS” to open the camera feature up and then take your shot. Then, upload your new creation to the community feed, and share it on Facebook and Twitter.

OKDOTHIS costs $1.99. Download it in the App Store today.

Do you have trouble finding inspiration when taking pictures? Would OKDOTHIS help you?

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