Feast your eyes on new iSpaceship renderings

iSpaceship (new renders 003)

Apple has overcome the last hurdle as the City of Cupertino in October approved the spectacular ring-shaped glass structure called Campus 2, also known as the iSpacehip project. Now, it’s already over budget and behind schedule so don’t look forward to working in outer space before late-2015 or early-2016, when Campus 2 is slated for completion.

Wired has obtained a batch of new renderings which depict some interesting Campus 2 tidbits, including detailed shots of the interior design, including the cafeteria, the gym area, the upper level of the 1,000-person underground auditorium and even the parking garage. Jump past the fold for the full gallery…

Wired says the images give us the most complete picture of Apple’s upcoming HQ:

In these images, we see for the first time the space port-like entrance to the development’s subterranean parking lot, a cavernous cafeteria that spills into the grassy landscape beyond, and the glass pavilion that will serve as the entrance to Apple’s new underground auditorium — a secure lair where press will gather for future product launches.

In short, these documents give us the most complete picture of Apple’s new home yet, a campus that Steve Jobs himself thought had a shot at being “the best office building in the world.”

The renderings are part of a presentation video by Apple and its Senior Director of Real Estate and Facilities Dan Whisenhunt. Apple Gazette originally posted low-res screenshots from the session video last month and now we get to see these beautiful shots in their glory.

Here are a couple highlights (scroll down to the full gallery).

iSpaceship (new renders 002)
The 1,000-people cavernous cafeteria inside Campus 2.

iSpaceship (new renders 001)
There’s no escaping Apple’s product banners inside the iSpaceship.

iSpaceship (new renders 023)
Steve Jobs: “There is not a straight piece of glass in this building”.

iSpaceship (new renders 019)
The parking garage. Note the plants on the sides and solar panels on top.

iSpaceship (new renders 027)
Employees hanging out and mingling on the lawn.

iSpaceship (new renders 017)
The Transit Center.

iSpaceship (new renders 007)
A visitor’s entrance.

iSpaceship (new renders 010)
The above-the-ground entrance to the underground auditorium.

iSpaceship (new renders 011)
A bird’s eye view of the auditorium. The 1,000-seat facility where Apple will host future media events and keynotes is located below the ground. We have more on the auditorium here.

iSpaceship (new renders 012)
The auditorium’s glass entryway looks spectacular. Visitors will descend into a subterranean theater for the main event.

iSpaceship (new renders 024)
The fitness area where Jony Ive & Co. will do some workout to stay in shape.

iSpaceship (new renders 004)
The glass structure will house 13,000 Apple engineers and R&D employees.

These images are absolutely stunning.

Check out the full 27-image gallery below.

You can also watch the Campus 2 approval press conference and Steve Job’s Campus 2 pitch to the City of Cupertino officials, his last public appearance.

The final rubber-stamping is due on Friday.

All of the images are provided courtesy of City of Cupertino.