Tick review: tick off your tasks with one simple tap

Tick 2

Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more ways to make a list on your iPhone, another simple app launches with new and different features to make it easy for you to stay on task.

Tick – Customizable To-Do App is a list maker that is both simple and effective. Organize different tasks by category and label them with animated illustrations for quick access to what matters most…


As a list-making app should be, this one is simplistic, flat, and colorful. In fact, it is so colorful that one of the features is the ability to pick your color from a nearly unlimited number of shades.

The main menu shows each of your lists in a different color with an icon to represent the category. For example, the travel list might have an airplane, while the shopping app has a grocery basket.

When you select a list, the items will appear with a colorful circle next to each one. When you tick off a task or item, the circle will fill in and the item will move to the bottom of the list and become shaded. If you want to put the item back on the list, you can tap it again and it will become un-shaded.

When you are editing or creating a new list, the color options will appear in the upper left corner on a spectrum that allows you to pick from various hues and shades. You can increase or decrease the contrast and opacity to alter the color to different degrees. The lower half of the screen displays four pages of icons that you can use to distinguish lists from each other. In the upper right corner, you can name your list. This is helpful if you have multiple lists within the same category. For example, if you are going on two trips, you can name each of them after the trip you will be taking.

The app features an automatic day and night mode. When you are in a darkly lit room, the app will automatically switch to night mode so that your screen won’t hurt your eyes. It will revert back to day mode in brightly lit rooms.

Tick 3App Use

The app comes with five default lists. The first list includes some tips and tricks to using the app. For example, you will learn how to access the Settings section or how to reorder items on a list. You can either use one of the premade lists or start your own. To create a list, tap the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the page, next to the last list.

You will first be taken to the list editing section. Here, you will be able to choose a color from the spectrum, name the list, and choose an icon. Icons range from categories like shopping, with illustrations of baskets, bags, and carts, to holidays with images of cakes, Christmas trees, and party balloons. Select an illustration that best describes the list you are creating. When you are done, tap the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then, tap the plus (+) button at the bottom of the new list to start adding items. When you finish creating an item, tap “Next” on the keyboard to start a new item. When you are done creating your new list, tap “Done” in the upper right corner.

When you return to the main menu, the new list will animate. For example, if you created a party list, your balloons will float. If you created a Christmas list, it will start to snow on your tree. Whenever you make changes to a list, including adding or ticking off items, the illustration will animate for a few seconds, giving you a sense of satisfaction, knowing that your productivity created that little reward.

If you want to reorder or delete a list, touch and hold the list until it hovers. A bomb icon will appear at the very bottom of the lists. This represents the delete feature. Drag your list to the bomb to delete it. You can also rearrange individual items on your lists. Touch and hold an item until it is highlighted with the designated color. Then, drag it to the new place on the list.

When you complete a task, tap the circle next to the item to tick it off the list. It will move to the bottom of the list and become shaded. When you want to clear completed tasks, drag the list upward.

Tick 1The Good

List-making apps should be very simple. This one accomplishes that. Your lists are easy to tell apart thanks to visual cues. Items can be added or ticked off with very simple actions. New lists can be created in seconds. There are no complex features to bog you down.

The Bad

If your list is longer than the length of the screen, reorganizing items can be irritating. For some reason, dragging an item upward does not allow the list to scroll upward to the top. You have to drag and drop it to the top of the screen, scroll upward on the list, and then drag and drop it again until you reach the top.


Tick costs $1.99. Because the app is very limited in its features, the price is a bit too high. It is a great app that works very well. However, it would be better priced at only $0.99. TapHive, the dev studio behind Tick, is an independent company with a team of only two, so think of that extra dollar as going to help two hard-working self-employed guys make their dream of running an app development company come true.


I really like this app. I’ve been using Any.Do for my list-making needs, and I love that app. However, Tick is just a little bit simpler, making daily list creation much easier. Plus, those animated icons put a smile on my face. Download Tick in the App Store today.

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Do you make daily lists? What is your favorite list-making app?