New Apple TV hardware due next month, says Apple pundit

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MG Siegler, a TechCrunch columnist, blogger, Google Ventures partner and self-proclaimed Apple fanboy, has some solid sources at Apple. Though he rarely comments on what Apple will or will not do, when he does you can bet your shirt he won’t make off-the-cuff remarks.

Today, Siegler felt compelled to take to Twitter and share with the world that a new Apple TV hardware could be arriving as soon as next month. The claim seemingly corroborates a sketchy GigaOM report that suggested the possibility of some kind of television-related product from Apple, based on leaked shipping records “from a top supplier,” labeled labeled ‘Set Top Boxes’…

“I guess those excited about a software refresh in a week are gonna be *really* excited when new Apple TV hardware is unveiled next month,” Siegler tweeted out this morning.

My own sources have been consistent since the start of 2013 about some kind of hardware-related Apple TV news before 2013 wraps up.

Additionally, Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac claims he independently heard that a new version of Apple’s set-top box is currently in development, “but our sources have not provided a clear picture in terms of a launch timeframe”.

Gurman adds more color to the reports:

It is unclear what the form-factor of this new device is. We’ve independently heard of Apple working on both a full-fledged TV set and a revamped set-top-box that is similar in form-factor to the current model.

But no matter the hardware design, we have been consistently hearing from our sources that Apple is thoroughly testing Xbox Kinect-like motion sensors for future TV-related products. When Apple plans to release motion-controlled TVs, however, is uncertain.

Siegler also joked that Apple analyst Gene Munster – infamous for his rampant Apple TV predictions – will likely be “disappointed that he’s wrong again on two counts”, referring to Munster’s “we still believe Apple is working on an actual television, think it’s going to be out in 2014” mantra.

Siegler’s October Apple TV claim matches up nicely with talk of new iPads next month. Should there be a media event next month, perhaps Apple will share some set-top box news.

We believe a major development on that front would warrant a dedicated press conference – unless it’s only a specs upgrade rather than a full-on TV set.

Earlier today, AllThingsD said Apple is readying a new Apple TV firmware with AirPlay improvements on September 18, the same day iOS 7 is due for public consumption.

The software should let you play content purchased on the iTunes Store on other people’s TVs through AirPlay and includes other enhancements such as automatic device configuration over Bluetooth, custom subtitles, Conference Room Mode for presenters and more.