iOS remains developers’ first choice, report shows

iOS 7 (WWDC 2013 logo mockup)

Despite all the chatter about Android and other smartphone platforms trying to entice developer, when it comes to picking their first choice, developers opt for iOS. In addition, 27 percent of developers chose the iPad as their second priority compared to a fifth for Android tablets. The survey by researcher Forrester shows that while Android has the numerical lead, when it comes to developer unveiling a mobile product, iOS is considered first…

According to Forrester, 35 percent of the North American and European software developers surveyed during the first quarter of 2013 picked the iPhone as their priority device. Under a third (27 percent) of the 1,600 developers picked Android.

This seems to reflect other research finding a preference for iOS among developers. Among the key likely reasons for the difference: app revenue, according to TechCrunch.

A recent Flurry study found a wide disparity in how much developers earn from iOS versus Android.


As expected, overall Android gets more overall developer interest, 84 percent versus 77 percent according to Forrester. But when it comes to individual priorities, iOS continues to lead Google’s mobile software.

For instance, as a second priority, Apple’s iPads leads Android tablets.

Again, this contest essentially has only two contestants: Apple and Android. Everyone else is left far in the dust. For instance, Windows RT tablets “are being largely ignored by developers,” according to Forrester.

Windows Phone is in fifth place with BlackBerry 10 near the bottom.

We’ve seen Samsung and others attempt to gain developer interest. So far, when it comes to betting their time and revenue, mobile developers are sticking with Apple.