GingerLock: yet another Android inspired Lock screen launcher


Yes, indeed. We’ve been graced with the likes of yet another Lock screen launcher, this one being inspired by Android no less. GingerLock emulates the style of Android’s now long outdated Gingerbread release, and brings it to iOS. It’s not as heavy on features like other Android inspired Lock screen launchers, but it does feature a few areas of customization that may pique your interest.

Per the norm, we’ve taken the opportunity to go hands on with GingerLock. Have a look at our full video walkthrough inside.

Inside GingerLock’s preferences, you’ll find one main page littered with about half a dozen settings or so. At the top, you’ll find a standard kill switch for quickly disabling the tweak. The nice thing about this kill switch, and every other setting contained within GingerLock’s preferences, is that none of them require a respring.

Beneath the kill switch toggle resides two options to change the look of the Lock screen sliders. The rounded option ditches the Lock screen bar that appears alongside the circular buttons, and the background option brings a subtle change to the background of said bar.

Further beneath those settings lies the ability to customize the second button on the Lock screen. GingerLock comes standard with two buttons — one, used to unlock the device, and the other, used to launch an application of your choice. By default, that application is the stock Camera app, but that can be easily changed via the tweak’s preferences. There’s even a provision to make the camera app work like it does on a stock Lock screen, instead of launching the full fledged app.

As stated earlier, you’re not going to find as many options within GingerLock’s preferences as say, JellyLock, but it’s probably enough to keep you satisfied if you’re interested in a Gingerbread style Lock screen launcher.

If you’d like to give GingerLock a shot, then head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo where it can be had for $0.99. Personally speaking, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of Gingerbread, so I’ll be skipping out on this one. What say you?