Apple’s iPad grabs 84 percent of tablet web traffic


It is pretty well understood that Apple’s iPad is a major player in tablet traffic online. However, new numbers only emphasize the iPad’s dominance as the device has accelerated further and now accounts for 84 percent of web traffic. Specifically, more than eight out of ten online ads were served to tablet devices carrying the Apple logo, a web analytics firm announced yesterday.

Competing tablets are left fighting over the remaining crumbs, with the No. 2 tablet – Amazon’s Kindle Fire – accounting for just 5.7 percent of traffic detected between June 15 and June 21…

According to ad network Chitika, the iPad’s 84.3 percent of web traffic is a nearly 2 percent gain over May’s 82.4 percent, which itself was an increase from April’s 81.3 percent.

That compares to slippage in usage among all other tablets except Barnes & Noble’s Nook during a Father’s Day discount. The Nook saw its ad traffic increase to 1.2 percent.

Check out the charts.

apple-tablet-usage apple-tablet-top-3

Samsung’s Galaxy tablets ranked third in web ad traffic at 4.2 percent, a drop from 4.7 percent in May.

Google’s Nexus tablet rounded out the top five with 1.2 percent. Among the cellar-dwellers: Microsoft’s Surface (the mighty iPad killer) registered a paltry 0.5 percent of ads served to tablets.

Apple CEO Tim Cook shared Chitika numbers with investors on yesterday’s conference call, re-iterrating that non-Apple tablets obviously don’t get used much.

“In terms of how other people are doing, if there are lots of other tablets selling, I don’t know what they’re being used for,” he quipped. The CEO remarked that Chitika only takes into account web browsing, a fundamental tablet feature.