Preview: Auxo’s new Slim Mode

Auxo Slim Mode Featured

If you know me, then you know that I love Auxo; it’s one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks and I use it on my daily driver. Auxo is great, because it offers a redesigned app switcher, toggles, and the ability to easily kill apps using gestures. Perhaps the biggest feature of Auxo is its ability to present full previews of apps in the app switcher.

While most users enjoy the privilege of having full app previews, due to the ability to gain context as to what’s running on the device, some have balked at the feature. Their beef stems from the fact that the app switcher takes up too much space with Auxo installed, or that it’s difficult to quickly identify what’s running. Well, folks; the creators behind Auxo have a solution to what ails you. Introducing Auxo’s brand new Slim Mode.

The new Slim Mode, found within the beta version of Auxo, allows you to quickly toggle the Slim Mode on or off, with no need for a respring. WIth Slim Mode enabled, you’ll notice that the app icons in the app switcher look like those in the stock app switcher. The big difference here is that you retain all of Auxo’s core functionality — toggles, music controls, app killing gestures — without the need for the full app previews.

The creators behind Auxo are hoping that the new Slim Mode feature will win back those who enjoyed Auxo’s core functionality, but who stopped using it because of the larger app switcher and smaller app icons. I think they’ve succeeded, what about you?

There’s currently no ETA for this refreshed version of Auxo, but stay tuned to iDB for all of the latest info and updates.