Apple posts video of WWDC keynote to YouTube


Apple finally posted this year’s WWDC keynote to its YouTube channel tonight. The media event, which has been one of the most talked about in recent memory, saw Tim Cook and company show off updated Mac hardware, a new version of OS X, and the biggest update to their mobile platform since its inception with iOS 7.

Most people prefer YouTube over any other video delivery service because of its versatility. So if streaming the keynote through Apple’s website isn’t your thing, and you don’t feel like watching it on your Apple TV, you’ll be happy to hear you can now watch the presentation from virtually any desktop or mobile device via YouTube…

If you ask me, the entire keynote is worth watching. It had a very different feel than other recent Apple events—every executive that took the stage seemed energetic and excited to show off what they had been working on. But at the very least, make sure you catch the promo at the beginning, and the iOS 7 stuff at about the 1:10:00 mark.

The full video runs just under 2 hours long.

So, now that you’ve sat on it a week, what do you think of this year’s WWDC keynote?