Apple and Tim Cook getting sued over NSA’s PRISM intelligence program

NSA Prism logo

The controversy over National Security Agency data mining isn’t going away anytime soon. As you know, the scandal blew up when it was discovered that the government issued a secret order to Verizon Business Network Services to provide the NSA with logs for millions of calls on an ongoing daily basis.

Numerous lawsuits are being announced with each passing day and some have already been filed. For example, the American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit and Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said he will sue the Obama administration over the “unconstitutional” PRISM surveillance programs.

And now, an activist group is suing Apple and Tim Cook, as well as Facebook, Google, YouTube, Skype, AT&T, Sprint, Yahoo, Microsoft, PalTalk, AOL, the NSA and its Director Keith Alexander, President Obama himself and Attorney General Eric Holder over participating in the government’s secret Big Brother initiative…

FreedomWatch founder and a former Justice Department prosecutor Larry Klayman announced he just filed a new $20 billion dollar companion class action suit in DC federal court today.

The lawsuit is in addition to a three billion dollar class action with regard to the alleged government privacy abuse by the Obama administration and Verizon.

Klayman said:

This and the Verizon class action will serve to unify all political and social persuasions in our great nation to wage a second American revolution, one that is peaceful and legal – but pursued with great resolve and force.

Government dishonesty and tyranny against the people have reached historic proportions during the last three administrations in particular, and the time has come for We the People to rise up and reclaim control of our nation. If not, the government will control us and this will mark the end of individual liberties.

In case you’ve been sleeping under the rock lately, Uncle Sam secretly teamed up with Silicon Valley giants in what could only be called a mass-scale Orwellian snooping.

The goal: collect an enormous amount of data directly from these companies’ servers, on an ongoing basis. Data streams coupled with signals intelligence are then being fed to advanced computer programs which mine data and profile information in search for clues, useful connections and communications and so forth.


Apple denied participating in the initiative – a spokesperson saying Apple never heard of PRISM – as did all tech giants named on one of the slides leaked from a secret presentation to the President. Though Dropbox is notably absent on the list, one of the other slides says the cloud-storage startup is “coming soon”.


The world’s governments were taken by surprise realizing the U.S. government and the NSA are able to not just crack open everyone’s social accounts, but also listen to your Skype calls, read your Gmail messages and draw a comprehensive outlook of your whereabouts, contacts, online habits, search history and track pretty much anything you do on the web these days.

But then again, you must have suspected that Big Brother has been watching you.