Apple posts new video: ‘Making a difference. One app at a time.’

apps making a difference

Apple has posted a new, lengthy video to the iOS section of its website today. The 10-minute clip is called ‘Making a difference. One app at a time.’ and it highlights how folks around the globe are using apps on Apple’s mobile products.

As usual, the videography in the short film is beautiful and the message is concise. Apple is showing how iOS apps help make the world a little bit better, and things a little bit easier, for people from all different walks of life. Watch it…!

The video covers a range of different apps, including Orthocare’s Galileo, which allows one young girl to connect with her prosthetic legs to change the position of her feet—something she previously had to visit her prosthetist’s office to do.

“I am a paralympic bronze medalist in rowing. My first pair of legs had limitations to them. The feet would not move, so when I got on the erg and stretched my legs out, they would just be sticking straight up. So with this foot, I can connect with it through the Galileo app, and the foot can move up and down to whatever angle it needs to be.

Before if I wanted any changes, I would have to go into my prosthetist’s office to change the alignment in my foot. And you had to do it on their time. So this app has really allowed me to live my life, instead of revolving my life around my prosthetics.”

And there’s a few other cool stories. If you have the time, the video is really worth watching.