iHelicopters unveils do-it-yourself Mini Brick Cars

In an interesting extension of its lineup of RC-controlled iOS toys, iHelicopters today launched Mini Brick Cars, an interesting do-it-yourself project that should appeal to your kids. As the name suggest, a Mini Brick Car is actually a package containing a bunch of mini bricks which allow you to create any type of vehicle that can be controlled via your iPhone, iPod or iPad using a dedicated controller app. The kit costs $59.95, including free shipping to any destination in the world…

You’ll get a lot of plastic bricks.

iHelicopters Mini Brick Cars (image 002)

The blurb says:

Spend hours planning out and forming the perfect car before taking it on a fast test-drive across the living room. Then, plug in to hours of family fun for adult and kids alike.

You can order yours through the iHelicopters web store.

iHelicopters Mini Brick Cars (image 003)

iHelicopters also makes other iPhone-controlled toys such as the iUFO, RC cars, helicopters and an iDevice-assisted miniature spy tank, among the others.