iHelicopters release a new iDevice-controlled toy: the iUFO

iHelicopters, the makers of iPhone-controlled vehicles are on a roll again. After creating a lineup of iPhone-controlled helicopters, RC cars and the rocket-launching Cobra copter, their latest offering is the iUFO. As the name suggests, it’s a flying device that resembles an unidentified flying object. Its rotor system is maneuverable via your iPhone, iPad or iPod using a free app that talks to the unit via the transmitter which plugs in the headphone jack .

Its spherical design is aimed at protecting the rotors from hitting nearby objects and breaking. The manufacturer says the system even allows iUFOs to roll over the ground without crashing the rotors and says you don’t have to worry about crashing the unit against the walls or ceiling…

From YouTube description:

Can your iPhone pilot an alien space craft? Now, yours can with the iUFO. The iUFO is a unique flying invention that comes with a rotor system that is maneuverable using your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

The spherical structure gives it an orb shape, hinting at the design of unidentified flying objects seen all over the world.

Parents should be glad to know that the iUFO is safe for kids since there are no protruding parts.

The iUFO will run you $59.95 a piece with free worldwide shipping.

For more tidbits and images, check out the iHelicopters web store.