iSpy Tank: an iPhone-controlled tank with built-in spy cam

iHelicopters, the makers of such iPhone-controlled toys as the iUFORC cars and helicopters, has a new toy on the market, an iDevice-assisted miniature tank (looks like a sci-fi car to me). In addition to a free app which lets you control the vehicle by tilting your device, the iSpy Tank features a built-in camera.

You can control the camera angle via the app and even beam video feed from the toy straight to your device’s screen, in real-time: perfect for spying on your neighbors or checking on your cat while you’re at work. Turn the volume down before playing the promo clip above…

From the blurb:

The iSpy Tank offers top notch gaming experience and adds a whole new level of functionality for those who want to get the most out of their iDevice.

The camera is controllable: the app lets you adjust the camera angle and take snapshots of real-time feed. Unlike other RC-controlled toys, the iSpy Tank works over Wi-Fi at distances of up to 30 meters.

The unit is powered by six standard AA batteries.

For all the sneaky types out there eager to realize their perverted desires and do their own surveillance: the iSpy Tank can be yours for a a special introduction price of $99 (normally $119), including free shipping to any destination in the world.

Find out more at the iHelicopters web store.