Vine update lets you embed videos on web pages

Vine 1.0.7 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)Vine 1.0.7 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)

Twitter’s Vine app has seen just one noteworthy refresh following its January 24 arrival, one giving it a 17+ age rating shortly after the Internet’s morality police cautioned about porn content surfacing in Vine’s Editor’s Pick, a flaw the app makers attributed to a “human error.”

Now, I love Vine and even though I’m not a regular user, I find myself occasionally recording and sharing a quick clip.

It always bugged me that tweeting out those links used to be my only choice to share Vines with the web at large – of course, in addition to Facebook and shares through the Vine service itself. But what about embedding a Vine on your blog? Well, I’m pleased to report that today’s update has made Vine a whole lot more useful for a bunch of people: the new version includes web embeds, letting you easily inject your own or other people’s videos into blog posts…

The new version also lets you share other people’s posts to Twitter or Facebook, provided the original poster has previously shared the clip to these social networks. This is obviously by design, so nobody could take videos shared only through the Vine service and spread them on Facebook or Twitter.

Other improvements and under-the-hood tweaks in this Vine update include the obligatory performance improvements and fixes for bugs which caused the camera to freeze when starting a new recording and another one that caused the camera to record without touching the screen.

To grab an HTML code, hit the the Share icon found below each Vine clip.

Here’s a little Vine I found, embedded right below.

Pretty cool, no?

Check out how my description, location and other meta data gets overlaid on the video.

Vine version 1.0.7 is a free download for your iPhone from the App Store.

An Android version of Vine is likely in the works the company was looking for an Android developer back in February, according to their job listings.