Way to go promoting a beer brand, Carlsberg!


So along comes Carlsberg with a novel idea: how about we market a new cider brand by piggy-backing on Apple’s popularity subtly? The results of the company’s brainstorming are, well, hilarious and downright amazing – as you can see for yourself.

The creative concept calls for a tongue-in-cheek reenactment of an Apple-like product launch hype, down to the line sitters, an Apple Store-like environment, lots of cheering and clapping and Carlsberg’ version of Geniuses.

You gotta love the ambiguous use of tech jargon and the obligatory Apple superlatives like “amazing”. My favorite line: “works perfectly in direct sunlight”…

The tagline is also gold: “Sommersby Cider – less apps, more apples.”

From their Facebook page:

Somersby is the new cider brand from Carlsberg – Real Refreshment. It is a naturally-balanced, medium cider, made with no artificial flavourings or sweeteners. The perfect thirst-quencher.

I wouldn’t go as far to say Carlsberg ripped off Apple wholesale.

It’s more like a subtle homage to Apple’s advertising prowess.

At any rate, it’s a great ad, just awesome work here.

What’s your opinion?

Is this lawsuit material?

[via 9to5Mac]