Bluelounge releases Mika, one stand to rule them all

Bluelounge Mika

It is almost redundant for me to begin another article expressing my love affair with quality iOS device stands, but, for the sake of tradition, allow my introduction sentence to lend credence to my lust. Bluelounge announced today, their newest product, the Mika, which is a simple stand for iPad, but strong enough to hold a full size MacBook. Thanks to a buddy at Bluelounge, I was able to get my hands on one for review prior to the announcement…

Design is function

Defining the phrase, form is function, the Mika is simply a bent piece of aluminum with black thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) tips at the top and bottom to prevent scratching. Marketed as “one stand fits all,” I was excited to determine the Mika holds any iOS device or even a unibody MacBook, such as the MacBook retina or Air.

As a side, you might be wondering why using this to prop up a laptop is a useful function. Speaking from experience, it is nice to prop your laptop out of the way when using an external monitor. Leaving your MacBook on the desk is a waste of valuable surface area, assuming you are not using it as the primary or secondary monitor. Some days, I only want or need to use one monitor, and, on those days, I prefer to get my computer out of the way.

Primarily, the Mika is used to cradle my iPad mini. Over the weekend I spent some time in the kitchen watching the March Madness games via iPad while cooking and unpacking groceries. Unlike the Bluelounge Milo iPhone stand, the Mika uses a hard TPU molded bottom instead of a micro suction foot. When shifting in the kitchen, I simply slid the stand across the counter, which would not be possible if it were suctioned in place. Personally, I’m glad Bluelounge produced a rigid bottom.

Also an excellent side table companion, the Mika kept my mini propped with live stats in the living room. Additionally, it keeps my mini from the sometimes dusty surface of the coffee table. I always worry about putting a naked iPad on the table for fear of scratches. Finally, it matches my iMac excellently. The tapered base of the foot and prop easily mimic the iMac both in color and design, making it blend well, even when not holding a device.

When listening to music in portrait mode, both the iPad and iPhone project music into the foot. Surprisingly, the music is amplified by the curvature of the stand, projecting the sound outward. It does cause the slightest bit of distortion, but if you prefer, simply turn your iPad to landscape.


The Mika’s one size fits all ability is attractive in a crowded market of iPhone and iPad stands or docks. The high angled arm is raised enough to leverage the weight of a MacBook, but short enough to hold and iPhone 4 in portrait mode. The TPU edges protect the cradled devices from scratches and provide a sliding surface for easily scooting the stand around on a table.

At $39.95, the stand is reasonably priced considering its versatile options. I recommend it to anyone who has considered purchasing a dock for any of their devices. I own multiple docks and cradles and I am sure the Mika will be getting a lot of attention in the future.


  • Simple and elegant
  • One solid piece of aluminum with TPU protective tips
  • Matches the Apple design aesthetic
  • Holds iPhones, iPod touches, iPads, and unibody MacBooks


  • Viewing angle is not adjustable
  • Only comes with black TPU tips, white is not an option to match white iOS devices