Milo, an elegant aluminum stand for iPhone [review & giveaway]

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Per my previous article, you are well aware of my iPhone stand obsession and on this Christmas week, we are excited to review the Milo iPhone stand by Bluelounge. An award winning international design studio, Bluelounge’s goal is to combine forward designed accessories that are as functional as visually stimulating. The company recently revamped its iPhone stand with an aluminum base, which matches the Apple aluminum color and gives it a sleek, polished look. Check out our review below and enter for your chance to win one of your own…

Form and Function

iPhone stands, by nature, are typically simple accessories. At their core, the stand holds your iPhone upright, sometimes in portrait, sometimes in landscape. With the primary goal to hold the phone, viewing angle is very important. The Milo does not have an adjustable viewing angle but the supplied angle is good for desktop use. Of course, if it is not perfect for your preference, simply move the stand closer or further away, consequently adjusting the viewing angle.

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To keep your iPhone in place, the Milo has a micro suction seal on the display arm. It is both lightly adhesive and slightly concave to hold the phone in place. This is coupled with a similar micro suction seal strip on the stand’s bottom. Because the micro suction is used on the bottom, it only sticks to smooth, non textured or perforated surfaces. When removing your device from stand, it is best to hold the Milo base with your opposite hand, helping to break the suction seal from the iPhone. When using the Milo on a porous surface, simply place the phone on the base and lean it against the stand.

While using the Milo, it is still possible to have full control of your iOS device. Using apps and tapping the screen does not cause the iPhone to fall off of the suction pad. However, if you use Milo on a porous surface, pressing on the top of the iPhone too hard can cause the stand to tip over. Bluelounge cautions its customers of this issue, which is why it suggests leaning the iPhone against the stand, but not adhering it using the suction pad.


Overall, I really liked the Milo stand, especially the simplicity. It is somewhat upsetting that it cannot be used to its full potential on a non smooth surface, as I have a textured wood desk. To get my iPhone off the stand, I must first hold the base, but again, Milo is not intended for use on a textured surface.

At $14.95 in black or white, this is a great stand for the price. The aluminum finish and simple design make this a great desktop addition. If you are often hassled by picking your phone up every time it makes a noise, I strongly recommend a stand and the Milo, at such a low price point, is a great starting place, particularly if you have a smooth topped desk.


  • Inexpensive for a slick product
  • Solid aluminum arm
  • Micro suction pad keeps iPhone in place
  • Black or white to match iPhone


  • Works best on a desk with a solid, non porous, non textured surface
  • When used on a textured surface, the iPhone may tip when pressing the top row of icons because the suction pad will not adhere to the desktop surface


What do you have to do to win?

We teamed up with Bluelounge to give away this awesome stand! This contest is open to all readers, internationally. One lucky winner who follows the next steps will be chosen to win a stand in the color of their choice:

Thanks again to Bluelounge for sending over a review unit and offering to give one away to a reader!


Congratulations to @tomdotcom_uk for winning this week’s giveaway! He will be taking home a shiny new Milo stand. Thanks again to Bluelounge for providing the opportunity!