The Rokstand: a quality stand with attitude [giveaway and review]

iPhone stands are a dime a dozen. Like iPhone cases, there are millions of iPhone stands, small and large, powered and passive, plastic and metal, cheap and expensive. However, when pulling the Rokform Rokstand out of the package, I knew this stand was unlike any other stand I had ever seen or felt, for that matter. Quite simply, it is a machine, and a very elegant one at that. It owns your desktop. Just looking at it, I feel it glaring back at me. To get the full scoop, Rokform sent over a stand for review and offered to give one away to a reader in our contest below…

Form and Function

The overall design of the Rokstand is stunningly crisp and every edge is pristine, every contour smooth. It sits demandingly atop a desk, begging the attention of the room occupants. I have used a Rokstand for about a full calendar year and when I say “used,” I mean constantly. Every day, the first thing I do in the office is place my iPhone down on the Rokstand. It halts conversations from office guests when they take note of its dominating design, even without me drawing attention to it.

Machined of a single block of 6061 T-6 anodized aluminum, the Rokstand is a solid, sturdy, and serious addition to any desktop. Because of its wide stance and heft, both iPhones and iPads rest easily in its grasp. Four rubberized feet and heavy weight keep the Rokstand from sliding across smooth surfaces and a depressed cradle keeps iPhones and iPods from moving in the stand during use. The depression is made to fit perfectly with the Rokbed iPhone case. While cradled, a knob adjustment moves the viewing angle into each of four different positions, perfect for FaceTime or eliminating the glare from a ceiling light.

While the Rokstand holds an iPad, it is made specifically for the iPhone 4S. A recessed channel holds a 30 pin cable in place with two included screws. Sliding a 30 pin device down on the mounted cable, it will sit flush with the stand, preventing rocking. The Lightning cable still fits, however, the iOS device will no longer sit flush with the dock while charging. As we move toward Lightning cables, I look for Rokform to modify this as an option and eventually offer a specific iPhone 5 version.


Hold your breath. You can take home a Rokstand for a killer $169.00 although you can find a more affordable $120 version on Amazon, and start turning heads in your own office. Given the price, the Rokstand is not for the faint of heart, but rather an artful, modern rendition of an iPhone accessory for discerning tastes. In conclusion, yes, the Rokstand is merely a holder for your iPod, iPhone, and iPad. Does it hold your phone? Yes. Does it hold it in portrait and landscape? Yes. Does it tilt for multiple viewing angles? Yes. Then what makes this stand different from any other iPhone stand?

Quality. Design. Detail. Attitude.


  • Solid aluminum
  • 4 viewing angles
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping and rubber ‘o’ rings to prevent scraping your iOS device
  • Heavy and wide to prevent tilting or knocking
  • Comes with screws and mounting tool for the 30 pin cable


  • Does not hold a Lightning cable, but it is not intended for iPhone 5
  • No rubber pads on the cradle for iPads or iPhones in landscape
  • Price


What do you have to do to win?

We teamed up with Rokform to giveaway this awesome stand! One lucky winner who follows the next steps will be chosen to win a stand in the color of their choice:


Congratulations to @iByron for winning Rokform’s awesome Rokstand! Thanks to everyone else who entered! We have a new giveaway up our sleeves so stay tuned.