Best Buy (again) has $100 iTunes gift card for $80

Best Buy iTunes gift Card promo

Retailer Best Buy is known for discounting iTunes Gift Cards from time to time, with their last offering dating back to December 2012. Today, it started selling the $100 iTunes gift card for $80, a cool twenty percent discount. Lower-denominated iTunes Cards still go for their usual prices so this promotion only applies if you’re willing to add a hundred bucks worth of iTunes credits for $80 and save $20 doing so. You can order the card at one of Best Buy’s outlets, place an order via Best Buy’s web store or have it delivered directly to your home…

After redeeming your card in desktop or mobile iTunes, your account will be loaded with a $100 credit which will get automatically used against your future purchases.

iTunes 11 can also redeem iTunes Gift Cards using your computer’s FaceTime camera, a feature made available in the Mac App Store storefront app with last week’s OS X 10.8.3 update.

According to the iTunes Store Terms and Conditions, iTunes Gift Cards purchased in the United States may only be redeemed through a U.S. iTunes Store accounts.

Note that iTunes Gift Cards are also available in custom $15-$500 denominations through select retailers. iTunes Credits can be used against purchases of any media on the iTunes Store, including iOS and Mac applications, music, television shows, movies and so forth.

I just bought two of these, saving $40.

Though 9to5Mac said the sale was good only for Sunday, it’s still up so hurry up and head over to the Best Buy web store.

If you spend cash on iTunes content on a regular basis, promotions like this should be taken advantage of.

I mean, why not save $20 if you’re already doing business with iTunes, right?